Our Commitment

We believe in putting people first.

That's why we are on a mission to uplift Malawi's most vulnerable children by empowering their communities to build sustainable change.

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Local Solutions

Our communities are deeply engaged in each aspect of our programs, from selection to implementation. Our 100% Malawian program team focuses on culturally-appropriate, community-driven solutions, so local leaders are empowered to address local challenges.   

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We believe in the power of partnerships. By collaborating with communities, other NGOs, government agencies, and the private sector, we can build efficient programs that impact the lives of more people.

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We are committed to the sustainability of our programs and the sustainability of the environment. That's why we focus on livelihoods that strengthen communities and build more resilient environments where children can grow.

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There are many worthy nonprofits to support, and we are so grateful for each dollar of support. That's why we track each and every donation, and are committed to showing you the impact of your gift.

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Lasting change takes time, and working in Malawi has its challenges. That's why we're committed to being flexible, and working closely with our partners to troubleshoot challenges, celebrate successes, and constantly learn from the world around us.

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Whether working with our partner communities, our team, or our amazing supporters, we strive to build meaningful relationships that honor the integrity of each person. People, helping people.