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Our Plans for the Future


In Malawi, “yamba” means begin—and we know that the work we do today is just the beginning for countless children in Malawi. That’s why we’re committed to working closely with communities, to growing our impact to meet vast local challenges, and to empowering Malawians to help themselves.

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Monitoring Our Impact

Our Childhoods & Livelihoods Program will continue to work to address both immediate and long-term needs facing Malawi’s children. To do so, our team of experts will work with communities to refine our Monitoring and Evaluation process so we can best analyze progress, implement changes, and ensure we are having a meaningful impact on children and their communities. We will share our learnings with our supporters, peers, and leaders in our sector.

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Scaling in Malawi

While our program is designed to be applicable to communities across the world, for the next few years, we have committed to scaling our work in Malawi. As one of the poorest countries in the world, the need in Malawi is vast. Our all-Malawian Program staff allows us to be efficient, nimble, and focused on community-led programs that can make a tangible impact in communities in Malawi. As we grow, we will keep these key values in mind as we explore scaling opportunities both within Malawi and beyond.

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Constantly Improving

We are committed to the sustainability of our programs, from the services provided to children to the businesses we launch. As we scale, we will continue to seek out partnerships across private, NGO, and government sectors to improve efficiencies and avoid duplicative efforts. For children, we will continue to expand our holistic services to best meet their unique and specific needs. For caregivers, we will seek to diversify our businesses, expand value chains, and improve training and education so we can empower communities through increase revenue.